Muscle Dogg was created by Harvey Palmer in 1979. Harvey was just 14 years old when he created this K-9 superhero. He was created for the sole purpose to be a healthy inspiration to both young and old.  From 1986 to the mid 1990’s Muscle Dogg was a surrogate mascot for the Muscular Dystrophy Association Summer Camp and Telethons in Maryland.  Muscle Dogg is the only animated advocate against childhood obesity.  

In 1989 Harvey teamed up with graphic illustrator Martinez Garcias to design a fresh stylized version of Muscle Dogg to appeal to young children.  Harvey kept that look until mid 2000’s when he started developing the present more urban-looking 3D Muscle Dogg.  In 2019 Harvey commissioned Bobby Foster one of the leading 3D model artists in the gaming industry to design the character in 3D.  Whether you prefer traditional 2D cartoons or 3D animated characters, Muscle Dogg is both hip and cool in either form.

Harvey was born in Ashtabula, Ohio. Brought up in a Christian home with two loving parents (Harold & Rose Palmer), six sisters and one brother.  He is number 7 out of 8 children.

He graduated from McArthur Senior High School in Lawton Oklahoma.  Went on to be the first of two graduates to complete a dual degree from Oakwood and Howard University;  BS in Natural Science and a BS Physician Assistant.

Harvey is practicing Physician Assistants.  He has practiced as a P.A for the past 32 years.  He has been with the VA for 30 years. He has specialized in Primary Care Medicine, Sports Medicine, Occupational Health, Addictions Medicine and presently in Urologic Medicine.

Harvey is the creator and author of the cartoon superhero Muscle Dogg, The Health Hound. The only animated advocate against childhood obesity who encourages children to eat healthy and to stay fit.

Among his other talents he is also a graphic artist, songwriter, producer, arranger and composer. He has worked with some of the music industry top recording artists and musicians.

The most important thing to know about Harvey is that He loves the Lord.  He recognizes and appreciates the overwhelming presence of Jesus in his life.  He knows his purpose in this life and that’s to help those God place in his path.